Th Grade 8’s entered Silvermine Academy nervously on the first day…and the second actually. They didn’t know what their teachers would be like. They weren’t sure if they would remember which bathrooms they were allowed to use. They wondered if they would survive a whole day without their cellphones!!!


IMG_0277 - Copy IMG_0279

But thankfully, the Grade 8’s seem to like their new home away from home. Mrs Botha loves her Afrikaans and so her students can’t help but love it (and her) too. Mr Van der Vyver is so cool. His Arts and Culture lessons are always fun, and he makes Shakespeare seem almost worth reading. Mrs Caris is perhaps a little loopy, but she seems to know what she’s talking about in all those fun subjects (Maths, EMS, Natural Science!!).



All in all the year has started well. We are having fun and learning a great deal. All the best for the rest of 2017 Grade 8’s!


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