Welcome back to 2017.

What excitement lies ahead of us this year!



As you may have heard, at the Grade 3 Journey evening, we have loads of fun things prepared for our little Grade 3 stars!

We start the year off with a BANG as we begin with the theme of Our World and the natural disasters which occur throughout the world and within our country.

our world

The Thematic approach we use through Life Skills allows us to incorporate these themes into the other areas of learning such as Mathematics, Literacy and Afrikaans. We look forward to using this integrated approach to grow our students’ minds on a daily basis.

If you missed our Grade 3 Journey evening, not to worry, here is a brief overview of our term ahead. So get excited with us and for our children.



In Term One we visit the Soetwater Environmental Education Centre. Here the children are exposed to the ever growing effect on pollution in our oceans; they are even encouraged to help pick up litter on the beaches. They will be allowed to make an object using recycled materials that have been washed and cleaned.


We also start our termly Service Project. Here the children have the opportunity to spend time with other children that are less fortunate than themselves. The amount of emotive responses we have seen in the past indicates that this project is very touching and allows our children to touch the lives of others in their very own community.



We look forward to seeing the children grow at HOME at Sun Valley this year.

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