On Friday, Sun Valley hosted the 40th Annual Athletics Day. It was a festive event with plenty of laughter, music, dancing, singing, playing and of course, some intense Athletics.



We were blessed with beautiful weather, a great crowd of parents and some delicious coffee by Cape Coffee Co. The Sun Valley staff were as enthusiastic as ever and got the kids revved up for their various events. Throughout the day, our announcer Mr Vallender (or as we called him the 1977 Bruce Jenner) kept the kids and crowd entertained with various obstacle courses and challenges to earn extra points.

IMG_3734 IMG_3778

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The morning began with grueling 200m and 150m races. The kids gave their all and achieved some record breaking times.

IMG_3765 IMG_3753

The 100m sprints are always hotly contested and once again, the running was of a very high standard. The cheerleaders in their respective houses were phenomenal and got all the students right behind their athletics stars.

IMG_3794 IMG_3809

IMG_3831 IMG_3846

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Our long distance athletes showed amazing GRIT to push through 1200m races. A highlight of the day was to see the way in which cheerleaders and other Gr 7’s in the LeAd programme, encouraged various athletes to push through and finish the race, even if it meant virtually carrying them across the line. Well done, guys.

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The day ended in style with the most exciting part of the day – 4 x 100m RELAYS! With hardly any points between the teams and the relay points counting double, it was anyone’s game! Langley and Jaeger stood out as hot favourites. Just as one house seemed to be pulling away, the other would fight back with a record time or an unbelievable 1st place finish.

IMG_4126 IMG_4092

IMG_4100 IMG_4103

IMG_4117 IMG_4122

In the end it was the Lively Langley who took the title as Athletics Champions of 2017! Jaeger were second, missing out by only 15 points. Jaeger won the Spirit Cup for their consistent singing, dancing and encouragement.


What is an athletics day without a parents race and a teachers race? The parents did not disappoint. There was speed, there were pulled hamstrings and of course one or two wipe-outs!


The GAP students of 2017 challenged the teachers to a 8 x 100m relay. The race was neck and neck for the majority of the 800m. Mr Josh Stewart received the baton moments before Mr Vallender for the final 100m stretch and Mr Vallender was unable to catch him.Well done to the GAP students…this is not over!



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