The budding scientists at Silvermine Academy have started the year with their usual enthusiasm. We are focusing on the Scientific method in Life Sciences, and refining our Scientific skills in Physical Sciences.

In scientific investigations, planning is just as important as your results and conclusion. As Tim Minchin said, “Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organising our curiosity.” This method used by scientists to organise their curiosity is known as the Scientific method.


Since the 17th century it has been used in all sciences, including social sciences. Understanding and knowing this method will not only help the Life Sciences students up till Grade 12, but will also benefit them in any investigative studies they embark on throughout their lives.

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method

Accuracy is crucial in Physical Sciences. Therefore you have to be confident in your scientific skills, whether you are doing calculations or an experiment. The Grade 10’s have started the year by refining the mathematical skills they will need for Physical Sciences. The Grade 11 students are revising the mathematical skills they learnt in Grade 10, as well as the techniques used during experiments. In Grade 12 we are focusing on different types of data and variables.


Welcome to all new students and returning students. May your 2017 be enriched by many new Scientific discoveries and skills!

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