Sun Valley has become widely known as a top sporting school. However, we remain focused on the benefits of increasing fitness levels, enjoying movement during learning, developing motor co-ordination, and of course the joy of PLAY.


Every week, each child has the opportunity to take part in a Physical Education Lesson. At Sun Valley, you do not simply arrive at PE, do some push ups and then kick a ball around. NO! Every single session is planned in advance from beginning to end.


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Mr Kiel and Coach Siya, together with Swim Coaches Mrs Jacqui Tuckniss and Mr Chris Scott are passionate about sport, children and education. They work tirelessly to put together a top class PE programme that all students can enjoy.

After a successful week of Athletics training, we have turned out attention to Swimming. Mr Kiel teaches each and every student to swim, play basic waterpolo, become confident in the water and of course, have some fun. The squad swimmers use the Physical Education time wisely and move over to the Waterpolo/Gala pool where they train to prepare for upcoming events with Mrs Tuckniss or Mr Scott.


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Mr Keith Simon has taken the Visual Motor to new heights over the past few years. Originally designed by Mr Gavin Keller, Mr Simon has not only excelled in executing high quality, research driven movements with every child, but he has introduced new ideas, a fun aspect and of course commitment to mastering each and every exercises.


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There is no doubt that MOVEMENT is at the heart of all we do at Sun Valley and we continue to watch students flourish through moving and playing.




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