A new year, a new story!


As the new Grade 10, 11 and 12 English teacher at Silvermine Academy, my greatest joy is sharing beautiful pieces of literature with my students. We are so blessed to be reading The Kite Runner in Grade 10. This novel is heartbreaking, powerful and incredibly relevant within the South African context.

Universal themes within the novel:

The Grade 10’s are focusing on the novel’s main themes, namely bullying, friendship, man’s inhumanity towards man; and finally RESILIENCE!¬†Silvermine Academy students are taught to engage with the challenges life presents them. This is a core skill which we endeavor to instill in our students on a daily basis.


The novel allows for integration with Life Orientation, which I am also lucky enough to be teaching this incredible group of learners. We are examining self-esteem and self-awareness – concepts which can often be confused. Next week the groups will present their performance pieces of either a rap, poem, song or dance which expresses the power that self-esteem can hold for teens and adolescents.


2017 looks set to be a year filled with many life lessons and inspirational literature.


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