This week the Grade Twos discussed what it means to be a team player. Why do we find some people easier to work with than others? How can we learn to work with someone whose personality is the polar opposite to ours? Why is it important for everybody to listen to instructions?IMG_0002


Once we had brainstormed together, we put our ideas into action by taking part in a team-building activity. Into a big circle we went and performed the “Big Sit”. Every girl and boy in the class participated. The objective was to be able to have everybody sitting on one anothers laps, while in a circle, without falling down.



Afterwards we had a time to debrief. We reflected on how the activity went. We discovered the importance of working as a team, and that it is vital for everyone to take their role seriously. Some classes had to try a few times to get it right, and other classes didn’t get it right at all. Regardless of the outcome, we all learnt some valuable life lessons through the Big Sit.

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