A new year has begun, and our children dived head first into a homey and highly energised Grade 5 environment. Different children feel many different emotions; they have questions running wild in their minds when returning back to school in a new grade.

When asking some of the Grade 5 children what was going through their minds when coming into Grade 5, these were their responses.

“What if my new teacher does not like me?” asked Keira Vickers.

“Will I have friends in my class?” asked Tatiana Shaw.

The more unique questions coming from Rose Venter, “Will I be allowed to wear my bows in my hair?”



What better way for our Grade 5’s to settle in and begin the year than with some E-colour activities. A chance to bond and get to know the different individuals that will soon become their brothers and sisters for the year.


They spent a whole week discovering their own E-colours and the E-colours of those around them. Children sported their trendy E-colour bands to let their co-op members and classmates know a little more about them. We incorporated E-colours into our daily routines in class and focused on:

The big sit. This activity involves the whole class working together, very closely. All children are to stand in a circle and then as a team all sit down on the persons knees behind them. A number of children were in fits of laughter, while others weren’t too sure how they felt about the experience.



The classes then went on to discussing and learning which situations they would need to use their Pause and Play buttons. They created beautiful houses illustrating the different aspects of Character verse Personality.


Lastly, in Maths, our children experimented with 3D symmetrical cutouts of their E-Animal as well as 3D nets.

IMG_1881    IMG_1882    IMG_1884

This has been a week full of challenges and moments where we all got to know our peers and new families.



IMG_1878    IMG_1883




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