This week the grade 4’s spent some time taking a good look at themselves and finding out more about their characters than they could imagine.

During I.T. each child got the opportunity to take the E-Colours test. This is a series of questions with multiple answers which they answer with the most applicable choice for them personally.The results of this test then determines which E-Colour the child is. Each E-Colour is associated with an animal, this is the part that excites the children the most.

Our first activity as a grade was to show the importance of every single person, and the importance of having every different E-Colour. This activity was called the “BIG SIT”. Great Fun was had and all the children felt the importance of having someone around them, regardless of their E-Colour.

IMG_0023 IMG_0031

This year promises to be an amazing year with these special children. The teachers are looking forward to every moment.


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