Over the weekend, the Sun Valley U13A Boys and Girls attended the annual Oakhill Chukka Festival which takes place in the Knysna Waterfront Harbour.


It was a spectacular experience from start to finish. Thank you to the amazing organisors from Oakhill. Thank you, too, to the quite incredible coaches who made the tour and overwhelming success both in the “pool” and on our many adventures.

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The Tour started with a very entertaining drive up. This was the first year that the coaches had to endure blaring loud trance. Since when did Trance become popular? One boy was asked, “My boy, where do you get your music from?” To which he replied “My Mom!”


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On the first night, all the teams got together, mingled and introduced one another. Active Education, a branch of Let’s Play was on hand for the duration of the event. They filmed the SVPS boys and girls speaking about their school, what makes them stand out above the rest and of course, wanted to find out a little more about our Movement policies.

The level of waterpolo was very high throughout the festival. The stand out factor remained sportsmanship and enjoyment. Sun Valley once again stood out as a leading team with regards to results, but more importantly, the kids stood out due to their spirit, sportsmanship and impeccable manners both at the festival and at our accommodation.

The U13A girls showed huge growth throughout the tournament. Although a young team who has not played a lot together, the girls made the most of this festival. They played some top draw polo and walked away with 7 brilliant wins. Ashleigh Hill was awarded as MVP due to her consistent performances. Rose Williamson must be recognised for her unbelievable determination. Not only was she deadly in front of the goals, but her ability to work hard when the sticks her down really impressed the coaches.


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It has taken some time, but it is official…Sun Valley BOYS Waterpolo HAS ARRIVED. The lads were unstoppable on tour. From start to finish these boys remained composed and focused on their goal of being unbeaten. Every single member of the team was key to the eventual success. We are so excited to watch these boys in the season ahead. Congratulations to Cameron “Salt Bae” Miell for being selected as the MVP of the Tournament.

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The entertainment, the adventures and the trips are always a highlight of Tour. Driving down to Buffels Beach  was absolutely spectacular. The kids and coaches body surfed, threw around a few Wabobas and tackled one another in the shallows. What a special time! A visit to Adventure Land for fun on the slides is always a MUST. Despite Coach K and Miss Horne nearly killing themselves on the slides, great fun was had by all.


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Well done boys and girls. You were incredible Sun Valley ambassadors. We could not be more proud of you!

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