On Friday and Saturday, Sun Valley hosted the annual U11 Waterpolo Festival. The sport staff and coaches spent many hours planning and preparing for the event. The long hours were well worth it as the festival was high temp and produced top quality waterpolo across the board.


The Girls festival took place on the Friday. The Sun Valley U10A’s and U11A’s took part is this prestigious event. The girls played beautifully throughout the festival. Although the results were not the main focus of the day, it was pleasing to see good skill sets on display by the Sun Valley kids.

IMG_1987 IMG_2067

IMG_2080 IMG_2108

IMG_2133 IMG_2194

IMG_2240 IMG_2257


The boys festival took place on Saturday. Once again the Sun Valley U10A and U11A boys teams enjoyed the day. The boys sections was incredibly tough with the likes of Wynberg Boys and Western Province Prep participating. The Sun Valley boys held their own. Fantastic fitness levles  were on display. The event was a great opportunity for the coaches to note which areas need work, and which areas of the game must be celebrated.

IMG_0551 IMG_0600

IMG_0615 IMG_0661

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Mr Vallender was working closely with Coach K to do announcements and provide entertainment throughout the event. In true Mr Vallender style, he decided on belly flop challenges, cross bar challengers and more to keep the excitement going.

IMG_0569 IMG_0571IMG_0603

Sun Valley Teams were celebrated on both days for having stand out commitment, determination and above all…Spirit! Well done, Valley!

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