The annual Orators Performances have become a real tradition at Sun Valley Primary. The kids have delivered yet another spectacular serving of our favourite topics. A hint of Kenn Nesbitt here, a dash of Roald Dahl there, and a very “ Punny” yet serious performance that had all four adjudicators (teachers) rolling with laughter.


Looking back at all the brilliant performances and the amount of effort that went into preparing for their moment on the stage, the Grade Seven Legends have yet again impressed us all, beyond words. All we, as educators, could do is sit back in awe and enjoy the show.

We were drawn into a world of imagination. Of brothers swallowing their Samsung phones, of diets of cabbage and cauliflower ( Yummy), of girls creating characters out of their pimples, a parliamentary speech and of course there’s that little devious red-cloaked girl, who not only goes travelling from place-to-place with a pig-skinned traveling case, but she has a brand new wolfskin fur coat.

IMG_7634 IMG_7641 IMG_7644 IMG_7648 IMG_7666 IMG_7716

As we closed our note books, with final comments, we still recall the cheers from peers as they salute their comrades from the bleachers. Another successful Gr 7 Orators has come and gone, but never forgotten. Legacies have been entrenched and left to echo forever in the hall of Sun Valley Primary.

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