Over the past few weeks our Grade 5s have been faced with a number of challenges. As teachers we have loved facilitating them through these moments, helping them learn different ways to approach and tackle them with a positive outlook.

One of our most recent challenges was presented during our Maths Extension week. Our children were given the task of creating any structure, using the given materials, that could hold a half full plastic cup.

Photo 2017-02-16, 10 04 07 AM

Photo 2017-02-22, 3 17 15 PM

 Photo 2017-02-22, 3 17 33 PM (1)

Photo 2017-02-22, 3 17 16 PM

Using their imaginations, Maths knowledge and a lot of patience they were able to tackle the task producing the most incredible creations…

Photo 2017-02-22, 3 17 28 PM

Photo 2017-02-22, 3 17 05 PM

Next up our children were to plan and draw a HOME.

They were to identify the different 3D shapes needed as well each shapes unique qualities. Thereafter their drawings were transformed into ‘professional’ designs as they interpreted their original plans onto their iPads.

Photo 2017-02-16, 9 55 20 AM
Photo 2017-02-16, 9 55 19 AM      Photo 2017-02-16, 9 53 45 AM
The challenge didn’t end there… our kids then had to use straws, sticks, cellotape, elastic, string and paper to make their designed HOME come to life.

Photo 2017-02-16, 10 05 38 AM

When reflecting on the activities our children were amazed at just how much Mathematical knowledge they had used to solve their problems.

                                                          Photo 2017-02-16, 10 07 24 AM

Photo 2017-02-16, 10 01 51 AM

Lastly, our challenge this week was the well-known Orator’s Competition.

There is always a hype around this, but our Grade 5’s were anxious to ‘up the bar’ this year. The majority of our children enjoyed their moment of fame, but it was these 20 performers who must be highlighted for their enthusiastic performances.

Photo 2017-02-21, 1 54 05 PM

As a grade we look forward to all those challenges yet to come, as we are ready to find creative ways to tackle them.

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