Last weekend, the Sun Valley U13 A, B,C and D Tennis Team Traveled to Knysna for a a Tennis Tour. 


After a very early start and an exciting drive to Knysna, the team wasted no time getting ready and setting off for their first fixture. The tour was about challenging ourselves against some top, privately coached tennis players from the Plett, Knysna and George area.

The A & B team played Greenwood College at a beautiful venue. The boys played with the normal doubles partners and went on to play a mixed doubles encounter with A&B players mixed. During the match, some stunning rallies were enjoyed by the spectators.  Coach L was WOW’d by the way lower ranked players stepped up their game to compete at the highest level. The C & D teams went on to Plett Primary to play against their A&B teams which was set to be a incredibly tough challenge. They played doubles matches with their normal partners and then proceeded to play singles matches which was a first for many of our boys.
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Despite  tough afternoon, the boys were in high spirits yet hot and tired from a long, scorching hot day.  Some jumped in the pool to cool off before heading out to dinner at Ocean Basket…YUM!
After a good breakfast on Day 2, the team headed out to The Heads for some fun.  Lots of crazy rock jumping took place. Boys will be boys! The team then headed off to Adventure Land where they were literally the only ones there for more than an hour. What fun!
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The A & B Team played against Oakhill Primary and started off with some great doubles resulting in a 2-2 Draw. The lads played a set of singles matches to finish the day and walked away with a 5-3 win. It was great to see the players working on their technique, volleys, drop shots, spinners and top spin shots. This is what tour is all about! The C&D team played against Knysna Primary’s A & B teams.  Players were pushed completely out of their comfort zones by playing first seeded players and flourished under the pressure. Suddenly, the teams were placing shots to secure the points.
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The afternoon ended with a dip in the pool. The team headed out for pizza to feed some very hungry players after a spectacular, busy day.
Day three started with an early ferry ride up Keurboomsriver with a little educational breakdown on why it is such a special place.  On arriving at the second beach, the boys were directed as how to do the rock jumping from a specific spot into some gorgeous, deep warm water.  The boys had an absolute blast!
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Later, the A & B Team played against George-South Primary School. What a tough, competitive match.  The C & D Team played against  the A&B team of Holy Cross Primary School. Some awesome tennis was seen from our squad players.  After returning to the lodge, the “old tour” boys got everything ready for “initiation.” The experienced Tour Boys looked on in horror as the tutus, body glitter and lipstick was laid on in full force.
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No comment, lads!

No comment, lads!

What an amazing Tennis Tour experience. Not only did the boys enjoy a fabulous on court experience, but the experiences and memories made will last a life time. Well done Tennis Squad 2017.

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