Grade 3 is definitely not a natural disaster; however they have really enjoyed the experience of researching and recording interesting facts about the different types of natural disasters. IMG_0582

The Grade 3’s were able to choose their own natural disaster to research for their exciting new project.

What a new adventure it is to be able to read through information, decide what is important and write it down into the students own words.


Even though this may seem easy to us adults, it is quite a difficult concept for our students to grasp. These exceptional children have accepted the challenge and the results are incredible. They were even brave enough to, without preparation, tell us what they had learned through the project process.



Though this is just the first stage, where they have had a bit of help and input from the teachers, our idea here is to grow our Grade 3’s into independent researchers to get them ready for the jump into Grade 4.

IMG_5270 (1)


IMG_5255 (1)


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