On Thursday 16 February, our Grade Ones completed their first project for the year. The project focus was “All about me at school“. The project was completed at school during our recent Expo Day.

IMG_1319 IMG_0511 IMG_0220 IMG_4869

IMG_6962 IMG_6963 IMG_6961 IMG_6960

The project was fun and required some in-class research. They had to choose their teacher and GAP student from a selection of photos, as well as pick out the teacher and GAP students name from a list. They then drew a picture of their favorite part of our beautiful new playground. The teachers were amazed at some of the stunning, detailed drawings. The students also wrote about their favourite thing to do at school. The answers varied from Handwriting to Reading, Swimming to Tennis and playing was also a popular choice.

IMG_6958 IMG_6957 IMG_6695 3 IMG_6694 3

IMG_6691 3 IMG_6686 3 IMG_6685 3 IMG_6683 3

The Grade Ones did so well in their first project and the Grade One teachers are incredibly proud of them. The results were beautiful. Well done, Grade Ones!

Below are some pictures of the Grade Ones from the recent Valentine’s Day dress up.

IMG_6455 2 IMG_6456 2 IMG_7860 IMG_6681 2

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