It’s a Heart Matter

ToKindday I was sitting in my office going about my daily business. I have a a perfect view down the main Grade 6 and 3 passage. As I result I, unobtrusively, see many interesting things. Almost surprisingly, I see many good things.

I see children being children …sometimes mischievous, always playful, sometimes provoking, sometimes kind! Yesterday I witnessed two similar deeds yet at totally separate times.

IMG_6203This might appear insignificant but when a Grade 3 boys is walking in line to IT interchange and he stops to allow three Grade 1 girls to get back to class after a toilet trip, it made me sit up and notice. From where did that instinct come? What triggered in his brain to make him think of someone else, younger and vulnerable and step aside like a gentleman, stop his peers behind him to enable these three little pumpkins a chance to get to class? It is a heart matter.

IMG_6202About an hour later a Grade 6 girl did the same thing for a Grade 1 bewildered by these big children walking in line. She stopped her line and created an opportunity for this little being to cross safely. It is a heart matter.

Two different children, two different opportunities, one similar act of kindness … two beautiful hearts.

Thank you Nicholas and Kwakhanya!

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