Our Grade 5 kids have taken time travel to a whole new level, by learning about the early explorers who touched the soils of the Cape many years ago.

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Traveling back on the timeline, learning about the different communities that influenced the Cape’s authentic infrastructure, food, dress and music. It is these communities that have made the Cape as we know it today.

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An Innings day was held to allow for a practical experience for our children to have a better idea as to how each community lived.

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Researching each unique culture, the boys and girls were randomly assigned a specific historical community that they have learnt about. By brainstorming ideas on their iPads, the kids decided how they would dress up and what items they were to bring for their picnics.


Eagerness to indulge in the delicious variety of pastries, breads and meats supplied by the kids were enjoyed not only by us teachers, but by the different communities.


The opportunity for the children to role play a social gathering within their community groups as well as their co-operative orals has allowed them to put their learnt knowledge into practice

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