This past week, the Sun Valley Grade Seven students set off to Worcester for their camp at the beautiful High Africa Camp Site.


Over the past few years, the Grade Seven has been talked up to be the very best camp during their primary school years. Of course, this meant that the excitement as well as the expectations were sky high.

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Any nerves were immediately put to rest as they arrived at the stunning camp site, awesome accommodation, incredible facilities and of course, boiling hot weather. During the camp, temperatures in Worcester shot to 38 degrees, The Camp Facilitators as well as the River Guides were absolutely awesome and they developed a stunning rapport with the students and SVPS staff.  Camp Leader, Jurie, could not compliment our Sun Valley students enough for their impeccable manners, friendly nature and empathy shown towards others.

The students were separated into SIX main groups. These six groups took turns, over two days, to enjoy three main activities.

Activity 1: The River

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Activity 2: The High Ropes and Climbing Wall


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Activity 3: Low Africa Team Building Exercises


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Each and every one of these activities were incredibly entertaining, challenging and FUN. Laughter, smiles and determination were evident throughout.

The meals, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner were delicious and a real highlight of the camp. On the first evening, the kids tried their hand at making their own “Braai Broodjies” followed by a delicious braai. The students made their own potjies on the second night. The staff were amazed with the quality of food. Mr Fourie tasted all the potjies, and definitely has a future as a Masterchef judge.


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This camp was a definite highlight of the term. We are excited to make more memories with this special bunch of kids.

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