On Friday the 3rd of March, the Grade 4’s set off on their hike to Peers Cave.

After talking about what it means to be a responsible hiker, as well as what to look out for on our hike, we started our ascent to Peers Cave.

Being the HOME of Digital Learning, the Grade 4’s got to to take their iPads on the hike to document all their findings by taking photographic evidence.

Walking in ‘buddies’, we set off through the school gates, towards the sand dunes behind Silverglades sports field and then the real climb began.

Finally, we reached Peers Cave which boasts stunning views of Sun Valley, Fish Hoek and beyond.

Under the shade and protection of the cave from the north easterly wind and the harsh midday sun we took shelter and munched away at our healthy packed lunches.

Peers Cave is a fascinating topic that the Grade 4’s get to explore in order to learn more about our Valley and the people who were here first.

The Grade 4’s had such a fun day exploring Peers Cave.


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