It’s always a thrill for a young hockey player to put on their first team kit, pack their brand new kit bag and set off on the road to the annual Knysna Hockey Festival. This year was no exception!


The long drive-up flew by as the girls sang along to their favourite songs, chirping away and just enjoying one another company. The classic pit stops saw them consuming heaps of biltong, popping far too many Pringles and of course, and endless supply of fizzy drinks.

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The girls arrived at the Point Lodge which would be their home-away-from-home for the next THREE days. The girls settled quickly, before making their way to the Knysna Water front where they enjoyed a delicious meal provided by O’Pescadors.

The first day saw the girls competing against the likes of Eversdal, Rennish, Gene louw, Micklefield and Oakhurst. It was a tough day at the office against top notch sporting schools. After some hard fought battles, the girls came out a little wiser, more determined and driven than ever before.

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The trip to the Plett Puzzle park was a hilarious experience for all involve. The ladies and coaches made their way through 3-D mazes and then tackled the inquisitive puzzling puzzles that proved way too easy for these little legends. Must be the brain-based schooling that they’ve been exposed to?


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Spur provided a delicious meal of burgers and chips. With their bellies full, the evening was topped off with a birthday celebration of ice cream and chocolate sauce.


On day two, the girls came out firing on all cylinders and comfortably defeated the likes of Ramps ( Knysna Club of top players), Oakhill, Rustenburg, Cannons Creek and Eversdal A.


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A Trip to the ever popular Adventure Land had the girls screaming for joy as they went hurdling down the slides. They met some of the other teams there and it was amazing to see our ambassadors interacting and making new connections.

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On the final day of fixtures, the girls were focussed as ever. There were three big games ahead of the girls. The girls made use of all of the experience and confidence they had gained over the past few days and performed well to beat teams such as Sunridge, Woodridge and Edgemead.


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A thrilling last game and a goal in the final penalty corner! Sun Valley set a NEW record by being the team that conceded the fewest goals on tour – Only 5 against! Now that is some good defence!

Well done girls! You should be very proud of your efforts and dedication towards your sport. Here’s to an unforgettable tour and an even better season to come.

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