Physical Sciences is the study of non-living natural objects. Basically, investigating everything around you, and figuring out how it works. Before you can study the function of something, you need to understand what it is made of. That is where “matter” comes in, and specifically the different states of matter.

Everything consists of matter. Small particles either closely packed together, or spread far apart. The three basic states of matter a substance can be is: a solid, liquid or gas. (There are many more states of matter in nature, and recently two more states were discovered: time crystals and super solids. Follow the links to read more!)

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Grace, McKenna and Finn, sacrificing the chocolate

At Silvermine Academy, the Grade 10 Physical Sciences students have been investigating the purity of substances by looking at the change between a solid and liquid state of matter. If there is a constant temperature at which the substance melts and freezes, it is pure and not made up of different substances.

SMA grade 10 Physical Sciences

SMA Grade 10 Physical Sciences

We tested chocolate, candle wax and moth balls. There was some disappointment regarding the sacrifice of chocolate, but when done in the name of Science, it’s worth it!

Emily, Erica & Storm

Emily, Erica & Storm

Tarquin, Fayan and Tao recording their data

Tarquin, Fayan and Tao recording their data

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