A few weeks ago our Grade Ones went on their first big school field trip. The destination was Fish Hoek beach and what fun was to be had! After many days of awful weather – we were lucky enough to have THE most incredible weather on the two days that we had our field trips. Smiling faces, cloudless skies and sunny weather was the recipe for a wonderful time.

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The classes arrived at the beach full of excitement and enthusiasm. They couldn’t wait to get into the beautiful, blue water. Once settled they were allowed to go for their first swim. They had so much fun frolicking in the small waves and spotting various sea creatures. There was also a sandcastle building competition and the results were amazing. Some of the towers were bigger than the children! We loved seeing the team work that was displayed during the sandcastle building.

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We had briefed the children before that the reason for the outing was to focus on the various senses that we have been learning about in class. What smells were at the beach, what were the various textures, etc. We had also asked them to bring a sweet/sour or sweet/savoury treat for the field trip to focus on the taste sense. The children especially loved this part as it meant they had an extra treat day! After the outing we discussed the various senses and the different things they had picked up throughout the field trip.

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The children then went for the second swim of the day before heading home. The teachers and the children alike had such a wonderful time and it is definitely one of the highlights of Term One. The classes went back to school full of sand and full of smiles!

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What a fabulous Term One it has been! We look forward to another term of learning, fun and exploration!

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