Our Grade 8’s had a chance to test out their science skills in their first ever, proper, high school science experiment! It had some exciting results. Not least of which was one experiment exploding in the fridge…rather a smelly mess!

The Grade 8s were given instructions to go about proving an hypothesis and recording their results. The hypothesis was that that sugar had an effect on how much CO2 was released by yeast when mixed with warm water.

The exciting part for the Grade 8’s was seeing the CO2 filling their brightly coloured balloons. Needless to say there were a few odd shaped, and incorrectly labelled balloons by those whose attention span was not at its peak.

But much was learned about how to systematically go about an experiment, and how to accurately record observations.

One minor downside was that there was a “Newlands brewery smell” that lingered in my class for a few days afterwards.

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