During the holidays, the 1st XI Hockey Team set off to Knysna to compete in the annual Knysna Hockey Festival. Over the past few years, both the kids, coaches and players alike have formed a wonderful family bond – they play for one another and will give 200% to each and every encounter.



The boys looked incredibly smart in their brand new kit, and were determined to produce top class performances. 14 matches were to be played in just 3 days, and the lads knew that fitness would be key.


The tour started  at 100 miles per hour with a massive game against top team, Eversdal U13A. The lads gave everything they had and held this deadly team to a 0-0 draw. The match of the day, however, was a tremendous 1-0 victory over Summerwood, a strong school from PE.


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Day Two began with a scintillating goal from Luca Connoroe to get us off to a flying start. Mr Best commented on how he has not seen a ball hit that hard for many years at U13 level. The boys dominated both possession and territory all day and impressed various spectators. The high pace took its toll and the lads struggled to finish games off near the latter part of the day.

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All teams were absolutely shattered on Day 3. Our lads dug deep, drew on their understanding of GRIT and persevered through the exhaustion and physical pain. They played beautifully as a team and many of our boys caught the eye of certain Provincial Selectors.

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The boys had great fun during their afternoons off. One afternoon was spent enjoying a hilarious time at the much loved ADVENTURE LAND. The boys slipped, and slid their way around the course for hours!


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The boys had an amazing experience at the Knysna Elephant Park. Many of the guys conquered their fears and got up close and personal with these beautiful giants.



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As usual, Sun Valley shone out for their unfaltering, impeccable manners at all functions and dinners. Thank you cards were given out to the various restaurant owners along the way.


Well done to these incredible young men. Not only did you produce top class hockey and excellent results, but you held up the name of Sun Valley and were true ambassadors throughout the tour.

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