We are excited to welcome 2 new students to our grade! Joshua Cronje (Gr4Br) and Caleb Mair (Gr4Be).

The term started off with a buzz and a hype when the grade fours gained two new friends and family members.


The boys are enjoying their first few days in Sun Valley Primary and have fitted in well. They are excited to see the different ways of learning and how much we move in class. Josh says he is excited about trying out soccer and using iPads and Caleb Mair is excited about being on a new rugby team and making new friends.


As teachers we are proud of how our grade fours have accepted and welcomed these boys into the school and how they have taken initiative by taking them under their wing by showing them around and teaching them about the different things the school has to offer.


What a great start to the new term, we trust that these boys will feel at home in no time!

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