On Friday and Saturday, Sun Valley hosted the 4th Annual Champions Shield event. We were blessed with beautiful, hot sunny days which added to the spectacular vibe. Delicious coffee, yummy food and superb sport were available for the large crowd attending the event.


On Friday, the Champions Shield SOCCER section began with 2 pools of 4 teams going head to head. The boys played a high level of soccer, despite it being early in the season. At the end of the afternoon, teams were ranked from 1-4 per pool and placed into a A section and B section for the Saturday.


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The main day, Saturday, did not disappoint. The vibe was electric! Not only were the Soccer playoffs beginning, but the Champions Shield Netball Tournament, including 10 different teams also began. The parents, siblings and grannies  came out in their forces to shout for their teams.


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The girls played a total of 9 matches during the course of the morning. It is safe to say that there were some exhausted legs by the end of the day. Their delicious lunch packs, supplied by SVPS were well-enjoyed by all and kept the energy levels up. Thank you to the amazing Birdie Num-Num ladies who made such yummy snacks all day long.


The Sun Valley Teams excelled in both Soccer and Netball. Sun Valley entered an U13A and U13B Team into the Soccer League. Both teams showed GRIT throughout the two day event and progressed to the A league final and the B league final respectively. The A team were the stand out team throughout, however, the lads did not quite take their chances in the final and narrowly lost 0-1 to a strong Kleinberg Primary team. The B Team, however, got better and better as the event went on and won a nail-biting 5-4 win against Kommetjie Primary School in the final.


On the netball front, the U13A Team, U12A Team and U13 Invitational Team were entered into the event. This exposure to game time was crucial for our girls as they hope to top all leagues in the season ahead. After getting rid of some “rust” in the first couple of games, all three teams began to flourish.


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The U13 Invitational Team, consisting of U12 and U13 players showed incredible tenacity throughout the day. Despite playing against A Teams from other schools, these girls won more than 50% of their fixtures. AMAZING. They played great netball and showed off their skill and speed.


The U13A’s began to gel and played some top quality netball and playing at an alarmingly fast pace. Coach, Cayla Van Der Merwe was very pleased with the development as the girls work towards Tour. The match of the day was, without doubt the encounter between the U13A’s and the U12A’s. These girls traded goals, yet the match ended in a draw! The U12’s played beautifully throughout the day, and due to an superior points difference, progressed to the FINAL.

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The Final was set up between SVPS U12A and Kleinberg U13A. The U12A’s were focused and determined and were quite unstoppable. Despite a late come back from Kleinberg, the girls won the final 12-10 and were crowned Champions.

Well done to all the staff, coaches and officials involved in this spectacular day. We look forward to seeing you all in 2018.


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