After working with the prefects of 2016 and continuing their roles this year,The Grade 7’s of 2017 have been very impressive. The 48 Leaders in Training were selected on Friday afternoon after weeks of discussion and voting between senior staff members. What a difficult job it was to select 48 leaders who have shone out over the past 6 months.

IMG_3010 IMG_3003

We have selected 24 girls and 24 boys who we feel have the potential to lead their peers, represent the school, carry out challenging projects and present as a Sun Valley ambassador at all times.


These 48 will undergo intense training over the next 8 weeks. They will be attending several seminars conducted by the Grade Heads. Mrs Norris, Mr Keller and Miss Viljoen will also be working closely with them on an emotional, social and leadership front.


After this process is completed, 24 PREFECTS will be chosen at the end of the term.

As a Grade, we look forward to supporting these students in the term ahead.


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