At the end of Term One, the Grade Ones linked up with the Grade Threes for Science week. The Grade Threes had been working hard on their science experiments and perfecting their techniques before they showed them to the Grade Ones.

IMG_6299 IMG_2518 IMG_8331 IMG_9414 IMG_9402 IMG_7865 IMG_7854 IMG_7828

The classes then linked up and were each shown an experiment. One class watched the Grade Threes make a “tornado in a bottle”, another group watched a paper flower open using water, another watched a balloon race and the last group watched pencils make bubbles in water.

IMG_7827 IMG_7791 IMG_7246 IMG_6066

The Grade Ones were enthralled by what they saw. They loved watching the science experiements come to life and the Grade Threes explained it so well. They went through all the details to ensure the Grade Ones knew what was going on. Some of the groups allowed the Grade Ones to take part and do the experiment themselves.

IMG_1522 IMG_4464 IMG_2300 IMG_1027

Thank you to the Grade Three children and their teachers for a wonderful afternoon of fun and learning.

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