How can mindfulness help children learn and grow? At Sun Valley Primary we often take time to do breathing exercises, or similar activities that can calm our emotions and our brains. We also engage in activities that develop Heartfulness.

Sometimes we can misunderstand these activities. To get the most out of mindfulness and heartfulness, we should understand what they are, and why they might benefit learning.


Mindfulness can be described as a moment by moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions, sensations and surrounding environment. Its cousin, Heartfulness, is defined as intentional nurturing of positive mind states like; kindness, compassion and empathy.


Research in Neuroscience (the study of the brain) has shown that mindfulness has a number of benefits;

  1. Trains the brain to regulate emotions.
  2. Trains the Brain to be calm and relaxed.
  3. Trains the brain to feel empathy more easily
  4. Can help you deal with difficult life circumstances.

Mindfulness at Sun Valley is not linked to a religious practice, and is not the same as “emptying your mind”. Instead, we can develop practices that assist the brain in returning to a calm and focused state.



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