Delicious, yummy, what is this? , can I spit it out?, delectable, disgusting…these were some of the exclamations heard from the Grade 6’s in their latest Natural Sciences lesson.



As an introduction to Acids and Bases, the Grade 6’s are looking at how smell and taste are linked together. Each co-operative group were given jellybeans, pieces of potato and apple. They then blind folded each other, some even used stinky socks, blocked their noses and had to try guess what their group had fed them. It was hilarious to hear their squeals and the class was buzzing with excitement and laughter. Then soon realised that 80% of our taste is linked with our smell.



We then looked at the parts of tongue and soon it was time to do some tasting again. This time they had to determine which substances were salty, sour and sweet. Their reactions to rocket were rather amusing as some of them definitely avoid the green stuff at home. They also had fun taking photographs of their lemon juice faces, most importantly they managed to have fun while learning.


There is a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. ¬†Soon we’ll be testing out which substances are acids,bases and neutral. The Grade 6’s cannot wait for the opportunity to carry out more experiments and are all enthusiastic about this section of Thematic.

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