Last week we introduced the Grade Ones to the second E-colour for the year, blue. The blue E-colour is the relator. This refers to the personality trait that allows you to empathise with and support others.

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We have also been reading our set work book for the term, Winnie the Pooh, and discussed who the relator might be in the story. We decided that Owl represented the blue e-colour. He represents this colour because he connects with his Hundred Acre Wood friends and is able to give them wise advice. He is also aware of how others around him feel and helps them recognize their emotions.

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To apply what they had learnt about the relator, the Grade One children made chain links and joined them together. It would represent the fact that we are all connected and support one another. The Grade Ones enjoyed this activity and the results were excellent!

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It is our Grade One assembly next week Friday, 19th May, and we would love to see all the parents there as our Grade One children present their first assembly. Parents need to be seated by 07:50am.

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