On Thursday the 4th May our crew of jolly Grade 3 pirates set sail with a mission to arrive at the Cape of Good Hope.

We arrived on our buses and were warmly welcomed by the staff at Cape Point. Luckily for us, we didn’t have just any staff, but our very own SVPS parent, Christa Stringer. Christa was able to take us on an ultimate historical tour of Cape Point, where we learnt much about the history of the Cape of Good Hope and how it came to be.

We arrived at the bottom of the light house and had a welcome meeting, as well as some delicious fruit, so as not to get scurvy you see.

Our crew was then taken up, in turns, to the top of the light house in the Flying Dutchman. What a spectacle. The views through our telescopes were incredible!

When we arrived at the top, we had to face another sort of pirate (in the form of baboons) who had planned an ambush attack on us. Luckily we had some brave pirate guards to save the day. With the treasures of some lunchboxes being taken and returned empty, our crew promptly returned to the base of the lighthouse to eat our food in peace.

Soon after finishing our food we went on another trip to Bordjiesdrif, with our Crew Captain Christa, in the lead.Our crew were able to have a discussion on the historical side of things, where they were also able to complete a worksheet to revise what they had learnt.

Lastly, we were to set sail for the beach, where we were again accosted by another set of pirates (in the form of ostriches). These pirates we found out, were only interested in their own treasures that lay across our path, in their nests behind the dunes. We enjoyed some free time on the beach, looking for our own types of treasures, then set sail back to school to end our adventurous day.

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Christa and the rest of SANParks, for allowing us the opportunity to learn outside of our classes and making it real for us.



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