Last week our Grade Twos went on the most amazing Ignition excursion to the University of Cape Town. With extreme excitement, the children boarded the Atlas bus and traveled over the mountain to their most anticipated destination of the term.

In the Zoology Department at UCT, the students were treated to interactive lessons which had loads of fascinating facts about bats and spiders. There were fun activities and games and the chance to sing and dance to an echolocation song.IMG_0031


The Grade Twos played echolocation games and also built a spider puzzle while blindfolded. The best was saved for last as the learners were able to see and touch a real live bat. The bat specialist came to speak to them about the cute creature. Madagascan hissing cockroaches were held by those who were brave enough.

IMG_0053 IMG_0103

After a fun, fact-filled day, we boarded the big bus and made our way back school.

IMG_0084 IMG_0076 IMG_0021 IMG_0007

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