What does a “normal” day look like in Grade R? Well, there is simply no such thing! From the varied activities to the special dress up days and outings, our little sunbirds are constantly met with different experiences and opportunities!


Each couple of weeks sees a new theme introduced and our children’s minds and bodies are engaged and challenged as we explore using various mediums and play with purpose. Exciting topics such as houses, families, the body and pets aid our children in cultivating a deeper understanding of the world around them.


Thursday’s interchange sees our children venturing into each of the five colourful classrooms. They have the opportunity to meet each teacher in her element and to spend the day baking, crafting, experimenting, moving and singing to their hearts content!


Speed is the aim and wheels are the game during our weekly bike time. A new dimension is added to traditional outdoor play as the children take over the bike track and learn to ditch their training wheels with the support of their teachers and friends.


Bakerman is a consistent source of excitment as our Sunbirds are afforded the opportunity to practice “buying” and “selling” through roleplay, and to sample a tasty snack. For those selected to be the ‘bakermen’, the opportunity to treat the rest of the class isn’t taken lightly!


A special occasion always brings a festive feel to the pre-school! Birthdays are celebrated with a special ‘birthday ring’ and holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Easter provide us with the opportunity to learn more about the traditions that we celebrate each year. Not to mention, they’re a fantastic excuse to dress up!


The opportunity to spread our Sunbird wings and venture on an outing is undoubtedly the highlight of each term. The knowledge we gain at school comes alive as we experience a chance to bond with our friends in a new setting.


In grade R we have busy days, exciting days, stimulating days and fun days…but we certainly don’t have ‘normal’ days!


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