Continuing with our Natural Science lessons, the Grade 6’s delved deeper into understanding Acids and Bases. They learnt what makes a liquid an acid or a base and focused on the pH Scale, as well as looking at how levels on the pH scale differentiate between acid, bases and neutrals. Once they understood what an indictor was and what colours represent the different pH levels on the scale, it was time to carry out experiments again.




Each co-operative group were given different liquids such as milk, tea, washing liquid etc and litmus paper as their indicator. They worked together, making sure each person had a turn to test out the different liquids by dipping their pieces of litmus paper. Changes in the litmus paper’s colour was met with great excitement and shouts of, “It’s an acid, wait no it’s a Base” , was heard across the classroom. Some sneakily took sips of lemon juice and made concoctions by mixing their different liquids to see if they could make a neutral liquid.



Through learning they realised they encounter Acids and Bases everyday and that science applies to daily life. We may even have created some budding chemists!




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