The Grade 5s set off to visit at the Bhongolethu Foundation on Thursday 4 May 2017, with the aim of creating some new friendships and bonds.



After weeks of collecting educational toys, our Grade 5s proudly handed over their donations, hoping these could make learning more fun for these eager children.

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Our Grade 5s were welcomed with open arms by 55 energetic and excited young children with huge smiles plastered on their faces. It was heartwarming to witness the instant connections between all the children.

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Our morning was spent interacting with the Grade R’s; spoiling them with healthy picnic treats, building lego towers, teaching them cricket and soccer skills, playing on the jungle gyms as well as teaching them about the importance of picking up litter. After an hour of games it was time to slow down the pace and our children were given the responsibility of reading a book to their new friend.



Katie Bennett 5 De Meillon: “It made me realise that even though the children didn’t have very much they were all happy.”


Jesse 5 Keevy: “The Bhongolethu children were fun to play with. They enjoyed me reading stories to them.”


Desire Paulo: “I really enjoyed going to Bhongolethu because it made me feel special because I was able to talk to them in Xhosa.”


Abby Stone 5 Hilder: “It was a good opportunity for both the Bhongolethu children and us, because we were able to donate things to them and they taught us to be grateful for what we have.”

Meeka Daniels 5 Keevy: “It made me happy to spend time with the Bhongolethu children, because I was able to make them smile.”


Shiloh Missing 5 Vallender: “I felt happy because I was able to bring joy to the children. It also made me realise how lucky we are at Sun Valley to have iPads, big fields and big classrooms.”



Our children experienced first hand how much a small gesture can truly make a difference. We would really like to thank everyone for all the donations made.


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