Sun Valley Primary staff continue to pay it forward as they endeavour to remain committed to growing confident and effective student leaders. This week the Grade 4 teachers shared their knowledge and skills with the 48 Grade 7 Student Leaders during a workshop on E-colours. Students were made aware of the impact of their E-Colours on their roles and responsibility as young leaders at our school as they seek to engage with others and accept themselves.


This process enables the young leaders to identify different personality styles, leads to heightened discussions and facilitates a growing awareness and understanding of relationships. Students come to understand that they do not all think and act the same, but that each one of them have a different communication style and a behavioural tendency, which is often linked to their personality.


Here are some of the things students discovered during the workshop:

“We all have all four E-Colours within us. No E-Colour combination is better than any other.”- Pebbles Mc Guiness.

“Most people tend to have primary and secondary predominant E-Colours.”- Freya Noon.

“A person’s E-Colour combination tends to influence his or her communication style and behavioral tendencies.”- Stella Savides.

“You can gain so many advantages and benefits by having an awareness of each others E-Colours.” -Shantel Ponda.

“Appreciating the value of all E-Colour perspectives, gives us an opportunity to benefit from the diversity of thought.”  -Rachel Gallimore.


Diligent application of the E-Colours concept enables students and educators to take responsibility for their actions, helps them to focus on an improved self-awareness and assists them in managing reactive behaviours in order to choose appropriate responses. This enables students and teachers to become effective collaborators, actively monitoring their words and actions.

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