On Saturday, we hosted the Sun Valley vs Kirstenhof Rugby Derby. What a spectacle it was as we had all our little rugby stars on show, right from U7 all the way to the big U13’s.

When two big Co-Ed schools take on one another in a huge fixture such as this, there is always plenty of support and at times, it can perhaps get a little too heated.


Refereeing several matches on Saturday, I was humbled by the Sun Valley parents and students in a number of ways.

  1. Every single Sun Valley Rugby Boy spoke to me both on and off the field with the utmost respect, even when the match became physical and heated
  2. I was thanked over and over for hosting the teams, creating such a lovely vibe and for an all round awesome day. Receiving this type of gratitude is not normal.
  3. A huge amount of students took time out of their weekend to support their peers in a warm, friendly, positive manner
  4. Our Sun Valley parents show incredible levels of respect to visiting schools
  5. During all the matches, but specifically during the 1st XV match, Sun Valley parents support our boys to the bitter end. They shout positive, encouraging comments from the sidelines. There are no put downs. No child is singled out for making mistakes. There is chatter. There is laughter.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for consciously making an effort to create a beautiful vibe at our fine school.

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