On Friday, 12 May, the Grade Ones excitedly got dressed for their first big school PJ party. Slippers in abundance and more onesies than you could count made for a very fun night. The Grade Ones arrived with much excitement and lots of laughter as they saw their teachers in PJs and classrooms ready for fun.

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Once all had arrived the Grade Ones were all in their respective classes for some fun. Some classes played games, some played with the toys, some drew and some danced. A few just loved the idea of being in school at night and just enjoyed the atmosphere! They then went for a bathroom trip – not exciting on a normal day but in the dark it made for lots of screams of glee and excitement. After the bathroom trip they then went to the Birdie tuckshop and bought themselves some party snacks. These where then enjoyed back in class.

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Once the snacks had been eaten and bed time drew near, we then put on a movie, Moana, for them. A few of our little Grade Ones didn’t even make it past the opening credits – an exciting and exhausting night it had been. Others enjoyed watching the movie in a cinema like set up and snuggled up with their blankets a pillows. A fun night was had by both children and teachers and it was so precious to see them in their adorable PJs!

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