Last week, the Sun Valley U12A and U13A Netball Teams set off to Johannesburg to take part in the Trinity House National Netball Festival.


The Tour started off with great excitement as many “first-time-flyers” were both nervous and excited for this brand new experience. The “sick bags” were mistaken for hyperventilation bags which allowed for plenty hilarious moments on board. Before the team knew it, they had landed and were on their way to Trinity House.

What incredible hosting families! The girls were billeted in pairs of two and from the very first night, they were spoiled rotten. The coaches created a Whatsapp Group to ensure that all the girls were safe and having a good time. Constant messages and photos were streaming in on the group. This continued throughout the tour as the girls shared their various exciting experiences.

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Match day awaited the girls as they woke up in their beautiful hosting homes. The games were played on on grass courts – another first for our girls. Trinity HousebPrep and other various supporting schools came out to support this exciting game. An electric atmosphere was immediately created and our girls absolutely loved it. Playing on grass certainly challenged our girls fitness levels, but they pushed through, displayed GRIT and won all their matches on Day 1. The U12A Team won one game and drew the other. Trinity House supplied the girls with a beautiful area where they could rest and relax. The girls were given snacks and drinks  throughout the event.

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On the second day, the girls were at the top of the campus playing on their normal netball courts. Stories were shared of the previous night before matches kicked off. Some fantastic netball was being played all round in a very hot, humid Johannesburg. The U13A Team won 1 and lost 1 while the U12A won both their matches on the day. The girls were in their usual his, excitable spirits as they headed to a braai arranged by Trinity House. This was a stunning opportunity to make friends with some of the other schools.

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On Saturday, the day kicked off with Trinity House’s annual festival against Fairlands. Our girls supported their new Trinity friends. A massive inflatable fun park was set up on the bottom rugby fields and the girls had plenty giggles and laughs while the coaches prayed for no injuries.


Later that afternoon the tournament matches took place on another scorcher of a day. The U13A’s kicked their day off in style against the festival leaders Cornwall from Centurion. It was a tough match but the girls never gave up. They fought to the bitter end and impressed all supporters. Curry Nelspruit was their next opposition and they beat them quite comfortably to end their tour on a high. The U12A’s won both of their matches against Unika as well as Fairlands.

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The Festival concluded with an lovely Awards Ceremony. All the hosting parents supported the girls as they were celebrated for their team work and sportsmanship. Result Machiya received the award for the Best League Player of the Bestival. Thereafter the girls were whizzed away for a final night on the town, shows, trampoline park, arcades, ice skating and more.



Player of the Festival

Player of the Festival



What an end to an AMAZING Tour!

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