The past few weeks at Sunbird have been extremely exciting. The playground has been turned into a farmyard. Our set book ‘Farmer Duck’ lent itself to teaching our children all about farms, farm animals as well as farming.



Our sensory play was an absolute hit as the children loved getting stuck into the tub filled with different material each week from pop corn seeds, to sawdust as well as bird seed.


By the end of the three weeks the children had farming ‘coming out of their ears’. Everything we did was geared towards farming. The kids loved art time as they got to personalize their own version of ‘sheep in the meadow’. The cherry on the top was when the Bakerman savory treat also incorporated the farming theme.IMG_0289IMG_1202

To end off the farming theme, the children got a chance to be farmers for a day and plant their own veggies. Each class planted a different vegetable. The excitement of farming does not end here as there will be much excitement as they watch their vegetables grow.IMG_1248


IMG_1171 IMG_1176








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