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We are trying so hard to foster a relationship with our neighbours and to co-exist in the same environment with mutual respect. This is made very difficult when we have some folk who will not co-operate or tow the line.

Below are 5 case scenarios which have played out this year so far and have either been reported via Facebook Messenger or are first hand experience by staff.  Please take a look, it makes for interesting reading.

Case A

Complainant A:

I am XXXXX and reside in Frigate crescent – nearest corner Brigantine. On Friday evening around 19h30 I was driving down Brigantine toward Sun Valley School. There was obviously an event of sorts at your school which caused traffic issues due to cars parked on either side of the road. As there was a procession of cars coming from the school it was not possible for me to proceed so I stopped and waited for approximately 30 cars to come through. When there was a gap I proceeded at approximately 20km p/h only to have a woman in a 4×4 drive on the wrong side of Brigantine road as she was passing parked cars. When I could not get out of the way in time (bear in mind I had right of way) she started screaming profanities and questioned my intellect. This in front of my wife and child. She then drove off before I could get out of my vehicle or get the registration. It is plausible that she has nothing to do with your school however I think it highly unlikely. I am bringing this to your attention so that you may ask the parents through your channels to be more respectful of other road users in the area.

Further to this – when turning into Frigate, both sides of the road were parked which made it very difficult to navigate and access to my driveway was partly blocked by one of these vehicles. Again – it is conceivable that this vehicle was not related to the event at your school last night but I sincerely doubt that as I checked with my neighbours if this vehicle belonged to anyone they knew but they didn’t know it and hadn’t seen it before.

On another note – the language she used in front of children and other road users was despicable to say the least.

Our response:
XXXX, I must apologise on behalf of one of our rogue parents. If it is ok I shall blog about your story using your information but omit your name, etc. I am sure it was one of our parent body, most of whom are cooperative. It just takes a handful who behave badly. Thanks for the information.

Complainant A:
Thanks for taking the time to reply. of course you may use the example.

Case B

Complainant B:

Hi please do something about the traffic. – fed up residence. Rude Parents and Children go to your school. Not the same school I went to.

Our Response:
We are sorry you are experiencing issues. We are trying very hard to inform parents about respect with regards to our neighbours. We frequently address the issue.

Complainant B:
Maybe it should not be residence and schools against one another. We should stand together with a petition for extra parking near the park on Corsair Way. Just up to the park and make a nice picnic place there for the residence and upgrade of Sun Valley in all. This petition should be given to the head of our council. As when you build a shopping centre they have to have parking for customers. The same should apply for the School. The traffic runs most days from 9 to 5 because of the size and sports involvement of the school. Let’s see what we can do together as a team. I don’t mind getting involved in this and going door to door with a team.

Our Response:
Thanks so much XXX for your problem solving mind set. We need more neighbours like you. Just to say we did apply and pursue many avenues. We found the neighbours very vocal but with little action. We held several meetings. We applied to council and met with the so called influential people, including Felicity Purchase (several times) to no avail. We are desperate to resolve the issues, educate our clientele and respect the neighbours. I shall refer your positive suggestions to our head of Safety and Security for him to follow up. Thanks again for the dialogue.

Case C

Complainant C:

Hi there – you might want to let your kids know that a lot of houses in SV have security cameras – so when they ring and run (ring gate bell repeatedly and hide) I have the footage of them being little #$%@ – and since they do it while in uniform, I will be sending the school the pics with a complaint if it happens again

Our Response:
Hello XXXX. Please bring the footage into school.

Complainant C:
If it happens again I’ll mail it to you. It used to happen so often that the bell is usually unplugged but, sadly today, I was waiting for a delivery.

Our Response:
Thank you XXXX.

Hi XXXX – all we need is a screen shot! And it will stop immediately. Apologies for the disturbances – Gavin Keller (Principal)

Complainant C:
I have no idea how to access the high res version but here it is… It happened at about 4:40, he had a big red backpack and I think it’s a kid whose dad called me a F@#$ B$#@ in front of a car full of kids when I asked him not to park in my driveway (and that was still back when I was polite to the parents).

Our Response:
I am so sorry you have had to endure this abuse and harassment. We’ll try to get to the bottom of this.

Complainant C:
I know the school has done all it can. Not your fault Sun Valley is full of white trash


Case D

Complainant D:

Three EXCO members were waiting to leave school on a Friday and were faced with a car parked in the driveway of the parking lot in front of the electronic gate. No one could exit the premises. Convinced that it must be an ignorant sports supporter from another school we took a photo of the car and proceeded to phone the sport’s office for them to make an announcement. As this was happening, lo and behold, one of our own parents came walking up with his children whom he had collected from Home Base. We were speechless to say the least.


Case E

Complainant E

One of our staff who lives in Boeier Crescent knows how hard it is to traverse the intersection where Boeier meets Coracle Street which is opposite the sport’s gate. So she diligently drives the long way around to enter Coracle Street from Caravel Street and move up with the traffic flow. One Wednesday morning when many parents were dropping off their children for 7:00 sport, a father in a white panel van decided to defy the one way, anti-clockwise policy and drove against the traffic (unfortunately, there are a handful of parents doing this EVERY morning as they selfishly block the traffic flow). When the staff member, ironically at the intersection of Boeier Crescent and Coracle Street, stopped to allow the father to turn down Boeier Crescent, he simply refused and stayed put. There was now a deadlock and the staff member got out of her car to speak to the parent. He swore at her, wound up his window, pulled away then reversed and reversed right into the staff member where she sustained bruises. He then simply drove off. This was all caught on CCTV footage showing the incident. Needless to say we had a rattled and bruised staff member.


Please, SVPS Parent Community, let us consider each other as we move around the school. With Sport starting early in the morning the roads are busy from about 6:40 every morning, so please apply the anti-clockwise one way traffic policy, as set out by SVPS for the sake of the safety of our children, from early in the day.

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