There are so many countries around the world that host a variety of different things; such as food, music, culture, animals and landscapes.

This term we jetted off to different countries using our iPad’s to find out one significant thing about a country and presented an oral to the class and, wow, were the Grade 4 teachers blown away by what the they had found!

IMG_8643 IMG_8644 IMG_3036

Some of the countries we visited were France; we learnt about their food and the Eiffel Tower, as well as Australia and their animals, not to mention their many deadly reptiles! We also learnt about Italy (Venice). Did you know that Venice is the only man-made city in the world? As well as that it is sinking 1mm per year!

The learners and teachers both enjoyed this activity. The Grade 4’s got to dress up, make Keynote presentations, or call upon their creative side to create a poster. Some learners even made food from their chosen countries which made their teachers and class very happy!

We are so proud of all the effort the Grade 4’s put in to make this activity an enjoyable one! Well done guys, you blew us away!

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