Bullying is a very relevant theme that has been tackled in the Grade Six curriculum recently. This created some very interesting discussion times as the kids can easily relate to the subject matter.



To answer the essential question of why people bully and how we can help them, we have looked at how to recognise problems and find workable solutions for these problems. The kids have learnt to develop a respect for other points of view and an acceptance of others. The importance of listening with understanding, showing compassion and giving feedback to the people around us, is also understood.





A big focus has been placed on Social media and Cyberbullying. We have looked at dangerous apps like “Qooh Me”. Although this can be a fun app to have, it also gives a platform for people to bully others. Our children have been equipped with Top Ten Tips for Teens to respond to Cyberbullying as well as how to prevent Cyberbullying.




The Grade Sixes also had the opportunity to deliver a powerful message on Bullying to the rest of the Intermediate Phase during the Assembly time. The message was clear and was received well by their peers.



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