It is always recommended that just before you start writing a test/exam that you put the body into a focused and relaxed state. During this past week, I have been testing 2 Techniques on the Matrics to help them focus before the exam begins. I have been getting very positive feedback from them, saying that it really helps them to concentrate.

Technique #1 – Controlled Breathing

I use the 4-3-5 breathing method. With feet firmly on the floor and sitting up straight. You breath in for 4 seconds, then hold your breath for 3 seconds, then release your breath slowly for 5 seconds.

Technique #2 – Visualisation

This technique relaxes you by picturing a peaceful place in your mind. Start by placing hands gently over your eyes so that your eyes should be fully covered. Now imagine a safe happy place that you have been to before. Hold that image in your mind for 6 seconds. Remove your hands. Now you should feel a lot more relaxed.

You can even try these techniques out at home. They will work with any stressful situation that you may come across.







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