The relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is something that should not be taken for granted. Research has shown that the emotional relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren has a significant impact on their academic, psychological and social development.

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A bond between a grandparent and a grandchild is not only important to the grandchild but also adds more value to the life of the retired and elderly. What better way to celebrate how ‘awesome’ our granny and grandpa’s are than to put on a musical and informative performance about how unique and special their “precious grandchildren” are.

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After an exciting performance the grannys and grandpas made their way up to the Grade 5 classrooms, singing Lady Gaga, “Born this way”, all the way up the stairs. They were greeted by very excited 10/11 year olds eager to show them what they were up to on their iPads, leading them to where they sit and in Miss Keevy’s class, the main attraction, the balcony.

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Those fortunate enough to still have their granny and grandpa did not forget those that were less fortunate, and hugs were shared all around the classroom, creating an environment where all kids felt that special “grandparent love”.

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You know you are loved and admired by your grandchild when a young boy informs his teacher that she is “not allowed” to rub off the picture on the board because his grandpa drew it.

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Thank you to all the granny and grandpas for joining us to make this day truly special.


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