The SVGoS Staff Social Committee arranged the Winter Warmer drive again this year for our staff community service project. This time around, we extended our drive from blankets to include the collection of soup. On Friday we brought in a total of 123 blankets, and 206 soups!

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 8.06.50 PM

Our focus was to warm some lives in the Red Hill Community, so we liaised with Living Hope to deliver the packages before the impending big storm. We were met with excitable children, and a joyful and appreciative team, who helped us unload.

Our donation has been allocated to the Orphans and Vulnerable Care Program, which assists children and families within the community by identifying their needs and offering guidance and help, including the registration of all children in a household and the necessary paperwork involved.


Each day, sessions with children and teens are held where games are played, messages are shared, and where leaders are available to assist children and support them in any way. In the upcoming school holidays, programs will continue to run, keeping kids entertained and under supervision.


Thank you to all staff and students who assisted with this year’s Winter Warmer Drive. Thank you too, to the caring leaders at Living Hope in Red Hill – You are all doing a wonderful job, and we look forward to visiting again soon!

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