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The first Formal Assessment Week of the academic year has come and gone.  Those who attended the NIGHT SCHOOL on Assessment will understand our strategy of growing minds to cope with high-stakes, anxiety-rich testing.  The purpose of Assessment Week in Grade 4 and 5 is only to teach students HOW to design a study timetable, how to revise work and how to manage a variety of questions that tests problem-solving, decision making and regurgitation of key data while under pressure and within a specific time frame.  The purpose is not to award marks and destroy a sense of capacity when it only counts 25% of the Term Assessment.  It changes slightly in Grade 6 as they prepare for Grade 7 where the allocation of the examination jumps to 60% and then in Grade 10 to 75%. Our philosophy is to build capacity in the ability to write Assessments under pressure.  We build this capacity over four years to prevent over zealous parents and teachers behaving as they are in the picture above.

In my letter below to our parents, I have explained our curriculum strategy – outlining our success story behind growing brains that cope well when they reach High School.

Click on the PDF links below to read the article and the letter from the Principal.

ASSESSMENT When we get it wrong

ASSESSMENT Letter to parents

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