The Grade 5 boys and girls have taken a different approach to learning an additional language.


Gathering together every Wednesday, we are taught new poems and rhymes by ‘Teacher Nicolette’ as they call her.

IMG_3329 The songs and poems not only create a fun environment to learn in, but allow the kids to practise unfamiliar vocabulary and begin to understanding the Afrikaans language more.



Some classic “treffers” such as ‘ ’n Jakkel het ’n hen gevang’ , ‘Vissies’, ‘Dorstyd’ and ‘Sarie Marie’ are just a few that our little legends are mastering. IMG_3343

Who would have thought that our Grade 5 boys could challenge the girls in a dance off. By following the movements and improvisation of each sing-a-long, the challenge was set to see who, out of the grade could take the bragging rights for best action and vocals to each song.

IMG_3332 IMG_3331

Much improvement in their confidence in attempting orals and reading of the additional language has been shown just after a couple of weeks of our Afrikaans Development classes.

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